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ITG Capture studio making AI advancements

Jun 26, 2023

What’s the future of image creation? As brands are faced with greater demand for content than ever (without the budgets to match this sharp increase), AI will undoubtedly have a role in bridging that gap. Our ITG Capture photography and film centre is already delivering tech-powered shoots at a rapid pace for our clients, and we’re developing another tool for their arsenal with AI Studio – making AI more usable than ever before for both creatives and marketers.

ITG Capture has changed the game for our clients. From automated e-commerce photography to Virtual Production shoots (with XR capability) that bring any location in the world to our studios, we’ve assembled the latest technology in a single, cutting-edge content creation facility.

And with every piece of kit plugged into our proprietary Storyteq MarTech platform, brands are empowered to shoot and activate their campaigns on the same day, across every channel.

Now, we’re in the process of advancing Capture’s content creation capabilities with Storyteq’s AI Studio. This powerful tool harnesses the power of generative AI and is set to push the boundaries of what was previously possible by making this incredible technology easily accessible and (crucially) usable for creatives and marketers alike.

AI Studio will enable intelligent product placement into any environment, while ensuring full brand compliance. With its ability to take art direction and fine-tune imagery, you’ll still be in full control, but will also have the power to quickly remove, expand or build image backgrounds, add photo-realistic lighting and shadows, and upscale images without losing quality.

It will learn from source materials, often produced in ITG Capture itself, to ensure all imagery created is unique to each client, while empowering them to tailor content to their exact requirements – whether that’s moving the product, changing the time of day, switching seasons and much more.

“The rapid development of generative AI has enabled us to go from concept to advanced development in months rather than years – and the future holds even greater promise!”
Lennard Kooy, CEO, Storyteq

The fast-moving nature of this technology means we’re closing in on another huge milestone – the power to create fully brand-compliant packshots, as well as typography and logos, from scratch. It’s currently being built in our Storyteq Lab, with ambitions to launch it officially over the coming months.

We have a growing list of clients excited to unlock this game-changing technology in their own marketing moving forwards, with several already trialling its capabilities.

Traditional photography will always have a significant part to play in the content creation process, with AI Studio providing a further option for our clients to create multiple content variations at pace (for every channel), with quality and brand compliance guaranteed.

With ITG Capture’s industry-leading content creation facilities working alongside Storyteq’s AI Studio, ITG clients will have all the tools at their disposal to deliver better content, faster than ever.

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