Developed by marketers to futureproof your marketing and protect your identity, CanopyGlobal gives you complete control and visibility of your entire worldwide marketing operation.

Keep a tight grip on the reins of your brand by generating thousands of approved multichannel, multi-language assets at the click of a button with its built-in automated creative production.

No matter where assets are created and executed, CanopyGlobal guarantees 100% joined-up, on-brand campaigns that eliminate duplication and help you maximise ROI.


Why choose CanopyGlobal?

• Provides any user in the world with access to the latest brand guidelines

• Global multichannel DAM with individual permission levels for each market

• Let markets view and be inspired by approved creative executions from other regions

• All markets have their own online planner, with full visibility to central marketing

• Brand guardians can approve all global executions through the same system

• Unlimited licences – all global stakeholders, agencies and suppliers can send, receive or approve briefs

• Automate the creation of multichannel, multi-language campaign assets from master templates

• Let markets order and download approved assets, with the ability to customise templates according to rules you set to ensure brand compliance

• Deploy global campaigns, personalised to each segment or individual customer

• Real-time view of global activity, including budgets and spend


CanopyCloud has been revolutionary for our global brand.”

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