Global brand control. Multichannel deployment. Powerful local activation.

With the right tools at your disposal the possibilities are endless, and CanopyLocal is everything your managers need to run highly personalised, on-brand multichannel local marketing campaigns.

From asset management to spend control and stock ordering, CanopyLocal automates the planning and execution of your entire campaign, delivers huge efficiencies and helps you deploy one-to-one customer communications.

Why choose CanopyLocal?

• Empowers your teams to easily manage multichannel campaigns

• Allows local marketers to quickly find assets via a DAM that shows only assets relevant to them

• On-brand multichannel assets can quickly be tailored to local audiences using easily customisable templates

• Users can execute complex omnichannel campaigns with minimal fuss

• Multichannel media planning gives your teams everything they need for optimum campaign activation

• Automates the creation of tailored landing pages personalised to each customer, based on known customer data

• Add optional product configurators to drive lead generation and online sales

• Real-time reporting allows managers to monitor the effectiveness of all marketing activity and inform future plans

• Suggests optimum local sites for product placements and pop-up shops

• Full visibility of local activity for central marketers, including approval steps where required


“Easily tailored and localised communications is the new norm.”

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