When working from home, collaboration has never been more important, and CanopyWorkflow brings marketing teams together – whenever, wherever.

Keep marketers, agencies and partners on the same page by allowing them to jointly brief, amend and approve assets from one easily accessible location.

The super-agnostic core workflows make multichannel mayhem a thing of the past when coordinating your teams, freeing your marketers to focus on creative strategy for both your brand and marketing.

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Why choose CanopyWorkflow?

• Lets you create complex multi-supplier and multi-project campaigns

• Flexible and infinitely configurable

• Unites all stakeholders through fully integrated and auditable workflows

• Briefing forms can be easily edited

• Highly collaborative annotation and approval process

• PDFs, images, HTML and video files can be proofed on-the-go via any web browser

• Integrated content widgets for instant alerts and notifications

• Immediately sends completed assets to CanopyDAM or authorised third-party systems

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“Bringing everything together, CanopyWorkflow is real-time collaboration.”

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