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Welcome to ITG Capture

Our 30,000 sq ft content creation centre in the heart of Warwickshire puts everything you need under one roof. From the latest technology to the expertise of our on-site teams, it’s easy to shoot, save and share your content faster than ever before, saving time and money. And with all our tech plugged into our Storyteq marketing technology platform, you can localise thousands of videos and still images in seconds, ready to use in your global campaigns.

The latest technology

With two Extended Reality studios at ITG Capture, we bring the location to you (without the cost) – perfect for television shoots and ads. A fully equipped control gantry puts you in charge, while livestream facilities allow you to broadcast across the globe. Automated photography studios are ideal for ecommerce-style product and model shoots where volume is key and time is tight, snapping thousands of stills and videos in a single day. You can even lay down your next podcast in our soundproof recording booth, kitted out with the latest equipment.

Tap into our expertise

Traditional photography and video shoots are still a big part of what we do, whether that’s capturing vehicles and other larger items in our 7m tall Infinity Cove studio, creating bespoke sets in our dedicated set-build area, or working in our fully equipped development and lifestyle kitchens. Our teams are there to bring your brand to life in the most innovative way possible, and we’ll work with you to meet all your goals in record time. ITG Capture also boasts its own set-build workshop, prop shop, multiple changing rooms… and when you’re not on set, you can head up to the hospitality bar to relax and unwind!

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2x Extended Reality studios

Large screen (10m x 3m) and cube (3m)

Fully equipped control gantry

Stay in charge of your entire shoot from start to finish

Livestream facilities

Host live events and broadcast to any location worldwide

Automated product photography

3x StyleShoots studios, ideal for e-commerce & model shoots

Drive-in Infinity Cove studio

7m tall and perfect for vehicle shoots of any size

20,000 sq ft. open set-build area

Build bespoke sets to suit your needs with our expert teams

Development & lifestyle kitchens

Fully equipped and ideal for hospitality/restaurant brands

6-person sound recording booth

Filled with latest tech and ideal for voiceovers and podcasts

On-site set-build workshop

On-site prop shop

Multiple changing rooms

Large hospitality bar and green room

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Kick start your project today

Kick start your project today

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Everything at ITG Capture is plugged into Storyteq, so you can localise, personalise and deploy the content you shoot, at pace. Click below to find out more about our Gartner award-winning marketing technology.