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18 June 2020 by Team ITG

The ‘game-changing’ platform is responsible for over 100 of the world’s most recognisable brands’ marketing executions.

In the current climate of remote and dispersed workforces, some of the world’s most renowned brands are relying on one game-changing platform, CanopyCloud, for efficiency across all aspects of marketing execution. Team ITG has launched a brand-new CanopyCloud website to help global marketers understand how technology can join up their entire marketing operation.

Ten years in the making, CanopyCloud is a Cloud-based, modular system designed by marketers at Team ITG to liberate fellow marketers around the world from manual processes. CanopyCloud frees up marketers’ time to do their job of driving brands forward, building relationships with existing customers and introducing new ones – rather than drowning in administrative tasks.

Built on three main pillars to ‘Simplify, Automate, Create’, CanopyCloud is an inclusive marketing technology solution that delivers intuitive workflow, world-class automation and omnichannel deployment tools uniting marketing teams around the world to be their creative best, while driving huge savings and efficiencies

The way we work has changed overnight, and now more than ever businesses need an easily adopted, intuitive, solution-based software that easily joins up all aspects of operations. CanopyCloud makes ‘multichannel mayhem’ a thing of the past, giving marketing teams complete control of their global operations, wherever they are based. Marketers can brief, create, approve and deploy to any channel at the click of a button on this genuine end-to-end marketing execution platform – the first technology of its kind to be designed specifically for marketing communities.  

CanopyCloud has already captured the hearts and minds of some of the world’s most recognisable brands from sectors including food and drink, retail and hospitality, technology, and automotive, including:

  • Heineken uses CanopyCloud to ensure 100% brand compliance across 180 countries and 28 languages, replacing more than 10,000 approval emails.
  • Virgin Media is automating and deploying over 300million personalised messages, delivering a 250% increase in return on investment last year.
  • Renault has achieved a 98% reduction in planning time across its network.
  • PUMA is driving automation across its European creative production, delivering a 33% reduction in cost per asset.
  • Co-op introduced CanopyCloud to consolidate its brand identity across 26 business units. Campaign build time is now 2.5 hours instead of 1.5 days, which has reduced its marketers’ workload by 62.5%. CanopyCloud introduced full visibility and control, eliminating slow execution and costly duplication.
  • Jaguar Land Rover has personalised its web experience, increasing new leads by 168%.

Over 100 brands are experiencing similar benefits that CanopyCloud brings to their global communication strategies – ensuring full brand, campaign and messaging adherence and creating beautiful content that’s relevant at an international, national, regional or local level at the click of a button.

The new website demonstrates how automation through the CanopyCloud platform can create thousands of multichannel assets from a single dynamic template in seconds, ending reliance on studio creative production.

It also explains how even marketers with little tech experience can automatically create and deploy millions of online assets that are tailored to every customer and delivered through their favoured channels.

Team ITG’s CEO, Simon Ward, said: “Over the past 10 years, big brands and retailers have invested heavily in platforms that solve specific problems. However, these legacy systems rarely talk to each other and leave gaps where marketers have to manually plan and execute in a time-consuming and often painful way.

“Marketers want to be marketers, not slaves to spreadsheets. For the first time, CanopyCloud gives them a single, infinitely configurable and game-changing platform that manages everything from campaign planning and asset creation to personalised deployment and real-time reporting. CanopyCloud is not only solving the problems of today, but shaping the future of the marketing operations industry, quickly becoming the easy-to-use, revolutionary platform for household names in every industry.”

To see CanopyCloud in action, visit or contact for more information.

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