Redefining the customer experience with Wickes and Warner Leisure

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19 May 2021 by Team ITG

From pivoting business models and overnight infrastructure changes, to putting colleagues and customers at the heart of every decision, our latest Think Tank explores how two seemingly opposite industries navigated the challenges of Covid-19 lockdowns with agility and innovation.

Hosted by world-renowned business guru and former Team ITG Chairman, René Carayol, we welcomed Mat Finch, Director of Sales and Marketing for Warner Leisure and Gary Kibble, CMO of Wickes, for a fascinating talk about how their two brands redefined the customer experience as a result of lockdown.

Both Wickes and Warner Leisure are leaders in their industries and longstanding customers of Team ITG, who came together to discuss how they adapted and what the future looks like for their businesses. This latest Think Tank was an incredibly thought-provoking and insightful session, a truly unmissable 30 minutes that you can watch back below.

Part of our Stronger Together programme, Think Tanks are virtual workshops that help our global customers debate and find solutions to any challenges they might be facing with the support of Team ITG’s strategic experts and connected ecosystem of marketing technology and award-winning services. For more information on Team ITG’s unique Stronger Together programme, click here.

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