Stunning film and photography for Whitbread’s ‘Meet the Maker’

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29 November 2021 by Team ITG

While Whitbread’s menus are always a hit with customers, the brand enlisted Team ITG to help it showcase the process that goes into sourcing top quality food and drink, as well as the relationship it shares with its suppliers.

Ultimately, Whitbread’s aim with this content is to help customers form a closer relationship with the products they enjoy, engaging them through digital channels to drive an uplift in footfall.

With decades of experience between them, our photography and film team are experts in crafting content that not only looks fantastic, but gets to the heart of our clients’ identities, whether that’s on location or in our state-of-the-art studios.

The ‘Meet the Maker’ videos are produced fully by Team ITG, from brief to the final edit, and we went above and beyond to get under the skin of Whitbread’s needs, delivering a beautiful film that shines a light on key aspects of the restaurant experience that are often overlooked.

Whitbread 'Meet The Maker' Photography Web Asset

It forms part of our wider strategic creative remit with Whitbread and its brands, which includes the likes of Beefeater, Premier Inn and Bat + Block. This remit has expanded greatly over the three years we’ve been working alongside them, to cover everything from digital content, to restaurant POS, menu design, photography and more.

For the first in the Meet the Maker series, we headed to Warner’s Distillery to discover exactly what goes into the brand’s gin. The film highlights exactly how Whitbread customers benefit from such a close relationship with its supplier, demonstrating the focus on natural ingredients and the key environmental benefits that stem from this.

Shot fully on location, we employed a diverse range of different camera techniques to tell the story in a way that is highly engaging, visually captivating and captures the human element of the restaurant/supplier relationship.

Whitbread loved our work, and an entire series is now underway, showcasing further insights into the Whitbread backstory.

Click here to check out the first video in the series, and for more information about Team ITG’s world-leading technology and award-winning services, contact

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