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02 December 2021 by Team ITG

The world is changing at an incredible rate, bringing a new set of challenges for Tarmac’s business. We’re helping the brand to tackle these head on, producing an animated film to support the launch of its sustainability strategy – ACT.

Whether it’s the global climate emergency or increasing pressure on resources, there are a range of factors that will transform how Tarmac, one of the UK’s leading construction companies, operates over the coming years.

ACT, the business’ new sustainability strategy through to 2030, aims to tackle these challenges head on, and as part of the launch Team ITG produced a bespoke film that combined animation, stills and video footage. Our brief was to take this relatively complex strategy and distil it down to its key components and messages in a way that was engaging and educational in equal measure.

With Tarmac having developed the strategy in-house and in line with its updated brand identity, we firstly provided a script and storyboard, before creating the film. This was a blend of hand-drawn animation, motion graphics and existing Tarmac imagery and footage, produced and edited by our expert photography and videography gurus.

Tarmac were absolutely delighted with the results, with Simone France, Senior corporate marketing manager, saying “I can always trust Team ITG to make the complex simple and deliver whatever we ask of them in an exciting and original way. The ACT strategy film and the follow up animation showcasing our sustainable approach to the A11 Thetford project were no exceptions. Both were fabulous.”

Feedback was so positive that the animation became a key part of ACT’s launch, and we were immediately asked to produce another in the same style showcasing a real-life project which embodied the ACT principles. Delivered against a tight timescale, we had it ready for presentation at the Highways UK event at the NEC at the beginning of November 2021.

We’re delighted to support Tarmac and all of our clients as we build towards a more sustainable future for ourselves and the planet.

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