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CanopyCloud is our game-changing martech stack. Powered by an advanced DAM, it offers you unprecedented brand control and activation. Removing the pain from campaign creation and deployment, it allows you to brief, approve, distribute and analyse from a channel-agnostic workflow hub. CanopyCloud is totally configurable to the specific needs of every client, meaning you can build and evolve your very own MRM platform by picking and choosing from the modules below. From there, we’ll deliver a fast, pain-free implementation that allows you to instantly reap the benefits of our tech.


Automate the tedious with CanopyCloud

MRM Canopy DAM


Take control of your global assets and streamline content distribution with our next generation, advanced DAM. Providing a clean and configurable search experience, it allows you to find and deploy assets quicker than ever before. Working in tandem with CanopyWorkflow, it automatically uploads approved assets ready for use across any channel.

MRM Workflow[1]


Simplify multichannel campaign management by introducing our agile and highly collaborative CanopyWorkflow module. It allows you to brief, approve and track all of your projects across every channel and monitor activity in real-time through our powerful CanopyAnalytics module. There is no limitation on user numbers, allowing you to eliminate manual processes and significantly speed up creative production.

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1. Briefing

Tailor your briefs to any channel and give your teams peace of mind by allowing them to easily specify critical paths and approval loops that get everyone on the same page.

MRM Coop

2. Automated creative production

Create local and global campaigns at the click of a button using our groundbreaking automated creative production engine CanopyCreate. It’s entirely channel-agnostic, allowing you to adapt dynamic templates for rapid deployment in any language, size or file format.

3. Approvals

De-stress your campaign and artworks approvals process and get complete sight and control of your assets on the go. Easily assign roles and responsibilities whether you’re a board sponsor or senior production team member.

“We see them more as a partner than a supplier and utilise the systems on a daily basis.”


4. Ordering

Make total control the order of the day by providing franchise and store managers with a one-stop shop for all marketing collateral. And enjoy management of spend through bespoke budget limits and order controls.

5. Reporting

Get total visibility of all marketing activity and guarantee every campaign runs smoothly from with our powerful real-time reporting tool, which is fully integrated with workflow and briefing.

Renault MRM


Streamline the management of your global print through our supplier-agnostic Print MRM module, which ensures every print job goes to the most qualified supplier and is delivered on time and to the highest quality. It also holds detailed profiles of all your stores, ensuring accurate allocations and reduced waste across your estate.


See the bigger picture with real-time Data Visualisation, which delivers insight and feedback on every aspect of your marketing operation so you can plan ahead and make sure your future strategy works for every customer. CanopyCloud's ability to integrate with third-party APIs means you can pull in information from any data source, allowing you to continually measure your performance across every channel.

Plug in and play

We understand the fear of change. The key difference between teamitg and other technology providers is that we implement in a way that is tailored to your exact needs. Our people will work hand-in-hand with your own to achieve a quick, easy and pain-free transition that allows you to enjoy the benefits of our tech from day one.

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